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The English Connection of Jeannette Karis


I am originally from Southampton, Hampshire in the UK, a port on the south coast where the Titanic sailed from. Just prior to moving to the US I was living in the Oxford area. There is an expression an Englishman's home is his castle and sometimes that's a fact! Can you guess which house I grew up in? The majority of home construction in Britain is with brick or stone depending on the availability of local materials.

Food Finds
A variety of English foods are available in Spokane. My latest discovery is Ginger Lemon Cream biscuits at Total Wine where I also found Stone's Ginger Wine (essential ingredient for a whisky Mac) and Advocaat (Snowball), four different types of fruit cake in World Market on Division and Francis, a veritable cornucopiae of good food among other things. Items spied there recently include, Birds Custard, Marmite, a variety of English teas, pate, shortbreads, Indian sauces and on and on. Other finds include clotted cream at Pleasant Blends at 9301 N. Division in the strip mall by Rosauers, AI Bold & Spicy is very similar to HP sauce, pasty & quiche (both made in Canada) , Cadburys chocolate, Colmans mustard, (Safeway), Jaffa cakes, Jacobs Cream Crackers, Christmas puddings (TJ Max)and Christmas crackers (TJ Max). Be sure to check on the back where your Cadbury find was manufactured. I find those made under license by Hersheys in US do not taste the same as those imported from UK.

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There is an English Pub, Three Lions right next to a restaurant and shop The British Pantry in Redmond WA that has excellent steak and kidney pies, pork pies and sausage rolls, yum. I bring them home to freeze as well as eccles cakes.

BBC America website to follow your fave programmes and find out what channels they are on. I love Acorn TV as well.

Instructions for a Great Cup of Tea
First boiling water is poured into the teapot so that it is well heated ie "warm the pot". This water is discarded, tea is added to the pot (1 spoon per person and 1 for the pot) and more boiling water is added. My prefernce is for "Breakfast" tea although on occasion I may have 3 Breakfast to 1 Earl Grey, a scented tea. If you really like Earl Grey then try it without milk or sugar and just a slice of lemon.

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