JK for ISCC 2011

Jeannette Karis for Information Systems VP-elect 2011

"The REALTOR� with the English accent!"

Describe the nature and extent of your involvement in the practise of real estate within the last year.

I list and sell real estate as a full time working broker. I attend and take company meetings when my managing broker is not available. I participate on the Forms, Communications & Technology committees at my local Association amd am on the SAR Centenial Committee. I spearheaded lunch time user groups for smart phones. Active in the newly formed Spokane-Eastern Washington chapter of Women's Council of REALTORS�.

Other experience, eg community boards and or service groups, task forces.

Heavily involved in Spokane's move to Statewide forms. Previously on WR Forms Task Force and currently on NWMLS Forms Task Force. Strategic Planning Task Force 2008 & 2011.

Children Miracle Network telephone bank volunteer, Sacred Heart Children's Club House volunteer. Race for the Cure Eastern WA RE/MAX rep. Patriot Guard Rider participating in flaglines at military funerals standing between the family and the uninvited guests.

What is the most important aspect of the Strategic Plan?

By reflecting back every decision to "How does this help the average member?" it will ensure that the association remains relevant to the membership which in turn will demonstrate the benefits and value of membership.

What are the strengths and weaknesses in the Strategic Plan?

Strengths - to keep the association on point and relevant, to give specific direction and accountability by measurable results.
The reduction in resources and time available due to fewer staff and lower incomes even for the volunteer members could impact the time and effort that can be applied by leadership to make connections with every member, involved or not, to raise awareness for the association.

The Nominations Committee will check with your local Association Executive to broaden your background review. Do they have permission to contact your broker/manger?



1.Why are you seeking this position?

I have been appointed interim VP-elect ISCC by the Executive Committee and want to solidify and continue this involvement. Essentially I want to be part of the solution. I am intrigued by technology and like to see how it can best assist brokers become more efficient. I brought an RPR product to my local association and when a similar product was being rolled out to all NAR members, I lobbied NAR leadership at convention. This resulted in Spokane being a beta tester for that product. I promoted a facebook page for Spokane Association. I would embrace the opportunity to serve at state level.

2.What is your understanding of the responsibilities of the Vice President-elect of your core committee?

To support and be available to the VP to help in any way I am asked to. To remain current on issues affecting the association. To make sure I have a good understanding of what the VP is trying to achieveand be helpful to staff.

3.What skills and abilities do you have that will help you to be an effective volunteer leader of WR?

I am logical, organized, I try not to present myself as an expert, I am curious, I listen then ask a lot of questions. I like to assess what is being said and then see the big picture. I am enthusiastic and am eager to make a contribution at state leadership level. Obtained ABR�, AHWD�, CRS�, GRI�, SRES�, SFR�. ePro�.

4.Are you willing to support and defend, if necessary, the Washington REALTORS� position, legisaltive or otherwise, even though you personally disagree with the Association's adopted positionor policies?

That has to be a priority when in a leadership position - we have the opportunity to debate and then the decision of the body is the one the individual promotes.

5.What two major issues are facing your committee in 2011?

Membership rention & recruitment and non-dues revenue.

How do you propose to deal with these issues?

Search for more ways to collect info on companies that were once but no longer REALTOR� members(at local association level, licnesing info) create a database then brainstorm systems to keep in touch, drip emails, we want you back campaigns, new wesite front page for non-members, sign up 2 friends get a discount, what do other biz do? Explore sale of what we already do, to other associations, eg videos, sale of state stats, short sale brochure as well as asking what locals do here and in nother states.

6.Are you signed up on NAR's "Calls-to-action"?

Yes - as a UK citizen, I cannot vote but make a point of raising the issues with my managing broker and at company meetings.

7.How do we convey to members the importance of responding to "call-to-action" on Legislative issues?

Follow the money - I think when members understand the impact of previous "Call" and how that has impacted their bottom line, that's when they "get it". An aha moment can also br ceated when a member sees Legislative Days and WA state polictical machine in person.

8.Do you have an understanding of the WR Byelaws, policies and standing rules? Are you committed to abide by them?

As a local President and Secretary I understand the importance of them and have a general understanding. I am committed to abide by them.

9.How should your key area communicate the benefits of your programs to our members?

I do not believe there is one way in which to communicate. I believe there needs to be several diferent ways so that we can reach many segments of the membership, person to person, hard copy, email, website, social media must be orchestrated together. Continual monitoring of activity and response will determine what info goes where and how frequently as will budget.

10.How would you handle a conflict between a committee chair, members and staff?

First and foremost listen to all sides, try not to escalate the problem but ask a few questions to determine that I have understood correctly the differing positions. Ask each party waht they are trying to achieve and listen. Keep calm amd professional. If resolutions appears impossible then get agreement to approach Steve Francks and or President Phil Harlan for advice. Talking about it outside of committee would not be helpful.

11.Are you familiar with the Strategic Plan as it relatees to your proposed leadership role and the importance of business plans and committee action.?

I have worked on 2008 & 2011 Strategic Planning Task Forces. ALso as Past President and Secretary of Spokane Association and active in committee work since 1994 - so I have a good grasp of the importance of business plans and committee work.

12.How have you served on this Core Committee and for how long?

Statewide Forms Task Force, New Director Orientation, Awards Group - on this Core Committee since 2010

13,If you are not elected, what do you see as your role with the Washington REALTORS� in the future?

I will continue with committee work, being a team player and yet unafraid to ask questions when I see items or prodeures that I do not understand or that concern me.

I humbly ask for your vote and the opportunity to serve the you membership.

Jeannette Karis,ABR,CRS,GRI,SRES - "The REALTOR with the English accent!"
509-994-8246 // 800-490-4378 // licensed in WA state
RE/MAX of Spokane, 12810 E Nora, Suite E, Washington, Spokane WA 99216, (each office independently owned & operated)